Written by: Charoula Dontopoulos
Herbal CollageBefore we start today’s discussion, I want to send this thought out to all our readers:

It would really be a special treat for me—and all of us reading these blogs—to hear from some of you about your own experience with herbs, or how these blogs are helping you HAVE an experience with herbs!!!

I don’t mean questions, those do come in. I mean I would like to exchange info with you all about our relationships with plants—because each person does have a special and different relationship with them.

And this special and different relationship rises/develops out of the unique energy that makes us AND the plants alive!

So, chip in! What is your special relationship with the plants you encounter in your daily life—like during a walk in the woods, or a meadow nearby? Or the park near your house. Or your own garden!

It is late spring, almost summer, and living on a farm, not too far from a very feisty Creek, gives me lots of opportunities to go walking and looking at different green things and stop and say to myself:  Wow! “What is That?” Lots of stuff I could not identify, for sure, but also a wild Ginseng, if I am lucky—or better yet, a Golden Seal! Or a Black Cohosh!

So exciting! And so amazing to just make the acquaintance of a particular plant, and feel its energy sort of leap over and invigorate you, so lovingly.  Wild grown plants are especially exciting, much more so than the same plants I have grown (most often unsuccessfully!) in my garden.


Walking in the woods, I often think:  what exactly makes these herbs so vibrant and amazingly powerful!

Ok, yes, I know most people would immediately refer to the chemical nature of plant—as in “specific chemicals” in the plant give it its specific healing or otherwise amazing qualities which makes us love them so much.

However, there are different ways in which herbs affect us.

Herbs have been in use since humans started roaming this planet of ours, and they learned pretty fast which herbs were good/best for whichever they needed them for—be it healing a wound or other illness, lifting their mood, or just plain enjoying them as a drink.

But the chemical nature of our beloved herbs, though very important, was definitely NOT what they delved into back then.

In fact it took millennia to get to the ancient civilizations, like Greece, Persia, and India, which started looking at Herbs scientifically.

Long ahead of that era, we loved our herbs simply for their taste, their healing potential, and the effects they had on our moods, be it soothing or stimulating etc.

I.E. we learned to depend on them and love them for the effects they had on us.

These effects of theirs rise out of the specific and particular Energy or each plant—their Energetics, i.e. how they taste, how they smell, what color they are, what in our human system responds, most often so eagerly, to these characteristics.

Have any of you, as you sip your herbal tea, felt how their own particular Energy was affecting your own Energy? I certainly have.

For instance:

  • Ginseng gives me deep seated energy.
  • Chamomile quiets down my anxiety.
  • Gingko clears my often cloudy mind!
  • St. Johnswort raises my spirits!
  • Echinacea and Astragalus help me fight colds/flus in the winter!

I love them all, I love their specific Energy, whether it helps raise mine, or calm mine down, or increase my capacity to heal myself in general.

Energetics of plants is an incredibly rich subject and one that would take a long time to learn/comprehend/adopt as a guide to what each one of us individually truly responds to an herb.

I hope each and all of you find the time to experiment with the Energy of different plants, and I would love to hear what the results were, and what we each can learn/exchange about our amazing deep relationship with Plants (includes trees!).

Please do share your experiences, a special walk in nature, a special tea you made that you loved, a special memory an herb invoked in you the first time you tasted it.

We—I—would love to hear from you!

Going to the woods! Have a great day!


If you have questions on any of the above herbs and their use, please contact me:

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Thanks for reading!

Charoula Dontopoulos
Certified Herbalist
Holistic Health Advisor
BC Polarity Therapy Practitioner


Questions and Answers

Q: What if you are not living near an open air area where you could go looking for different plants?

A: If I didn’t have access to an open air place where I could find herbs and try identifying them, I would then do the following:

Start looking at different plants either in books or on line.  Or both!

When I started being interested in herbalism, I was living in a city where there were no public gardens – and the Internet was not available back then.

So I acquired lots of books on Herbs, that was the beginning of my Herbal Library!

Later, when we moved to the country, to a farm actually, those books came in handy, they helped me identify plants as I started walking deep into the woods.


Q: Does what you call the Energetics of plants have a lot to do with their chemical make up?

A: Well, yes to an extent!  No doubt the Chemistry of Plants has a lot to do with how they affect us.

BUT! We need to go deeper than Chemicals! We need to go to the Soul of the plants—and of course everyone who is close to and loves plants knows that the effect of the Plants on us comes from their beauty—AND the love they spread around them with their intense color and smell.


Please do consult your Holistic Health Practitioner, and most importantly your Herbalist before you use any herb, whether as a tincture, a tea, or a standardized extract.  Herbs are powerful!!!


I would love to hear more of your questions on any of our blogs, and specifically on any Issues you are wondering about!  Thanks for sending in your questions!

Ask Charoula about Herbs