If we totally embrace the principles and concepts of Polarity Therapy we would shout from the highest mountain that Polarity works!!! Polarity is the basis of all energy medicine!!! Polarity is the essence of bringing energy into balance and allowing energy to freely flow! We would then know that all healthcare and the healing process, to be effective, must understand that our body at the structural level is truly only reflecting what is happening on the energetic level.

As Dr. Stone often states, energy currents control structure, and vital energy currents (life force) emerge as structural patterns. In essence the body functions totally and completely as an energy system.

The understanding of Energetic Structural Integration™ and the foundation of energy, being that it steps down into structure and form, can open up a new world view. The future of medicine will be involved in disease prevention, disease cures, and quality of life issues.

Imagine truly knowing that before a disease, dysfunction, or any problem will manifest on the physical level it is first and foremost a problem on the energetic level. Therefore becoming aware of how these energetic imbalances manifest and how they can be assessed and returned to balance can well prevent a disease before it becomes a physical problem.

Energetic Structural Integration™ is based on the essence of Dr. Randolph Stone’s work of understanding Vital Relationships as the essence of Polarity. Dr. Stone viewed the body as a system of energy fields and centers of wireless energy pathways, lines of force and geometric and harmonic relationships.

Three primary sets of geometric relationships emerge in the formation of the etheric body that steps down from source to form. These three sets will be explored in great

depth in future articles to further promote Dr. Stone’s “Still” cutting edge work.