As a marathon runner and a triathlete, I rely heavily on nutrients that can keep me healthy every day and assure me that my workouts and races are successful.

I alternate between E-Lyte’s Balanced Electrolyte Concentrate or Harvest Bay Organic Coconut Water when I run my marathons and they keep me energized for all 26.2 miles! Electrolytes are incredibly important for anyone when they are exercising, doing hard work, especially when it is hot out. I often enjoy the chocolate and coffee flavored Harvest Bay coconut waters even when I am not running; they are perfect little pick-me-ups. Some of the many additional benefits of coconut water include: helps promote weight loss, helps fight viruses, boosts poor circulation, aids digestion by removing toxins, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, and supports kidney and urinary health.

E-wellness Solutions partners proudly with Natural Dispensary, one of the world’s largest distributors of professional grade supplements. These supplements are not available through traditional retail outlets, they require a recommendation from certified practitioners.

E-Wellness Solutions is now certified to recommend over 30 brands of high quality, professional-grade supplements distributed by Natural Dispensary.

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