One picture is worth a thousand words!

One vision creates a beautiful poem!

One word of encouragement can change a person’s life!

Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are expression of the basic elements of life. Clear, concise and image provoking, the elements are the cornerstone of Polarity Therapy.

Everyone can relate to any of the elements whether it be to express a feeling, to share an emotion, or to explain a physical sensation. The element quickly can define a person’s reality.

The Elements allow for the word to be turned into a clear vision that immediately communicates intent. Words that can express a precise image to others are called a universal language.

When expressing the word fire, the image of a flame is apparent and the feelings of anger, rage or warmth are understood. No matter what language is being spoken, fire can be quickly related to issues such as digestive problems, acid reflux, or an image of
“fire in the eyes” to explain someone’s anger.

The important factors when using Elemental expressions to communicate are clarity, purpose, intention, and image. Image is all.