Men have a little blue pill for treating erectile dysfunction, and what do women have? … and what if the little blue pill stops working?


There are 4 “Sex-Pleasure Problems” that women have

  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (usually but not always accompanies Sexual Desire Disorder). Women who suffer with this may want to have sex but have much difficulty finding the pleasure of arousal. The 5% incidence doesn’t sound like much until you think about it–that’s the same as one in 20!
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (Low desire). Remember, that this is not counted a disorder unless it’s disrupting the woman’s life. Around 10% of women suffer with this problem. Important: Suffering with a sexual disorder does not simply make sex not fun. Better sex leads to more energy, more creativity, increased confidence, less depression, and improved overall health.
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder Again around 1 in 20 (or 5%). Here women can become aroused but have much difficulty with orgasm. This can be so frustrating that sex becomes a frustration that they avoid.
  • Dyspareunia Here the woman suffers with real pain with sex (not from decreased lubrication or vaginal spasm). The incidence is from around 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 women. (The above shocking statistics came from Obstetrics & Gynecology April 2011)

Genital Mismatch can contribute to both Female Orgasmic Disorder & to Dyspareunia

Now there is new treatment for sexual dysfunction in women. Often times bio-identical hormone therapy can be helpful. We offer treatment that can improve lubrication, decrease how fragile the vaginal membranes are, and also improve sensation and ability to reach orgasm.

There is also new treatment called the O-Shot. This treatment involves a painless injection of Platelet-Rich Plasma into a woman’s G-Spot and another injection near her Clitoris, after the area is thoroughly made numb. For more information.


What About Men?

This same treatment with Platelet-Rich Plasma can be done for men who need treatment for sexual dysfunction called the P-Shot. CLICK HERE FOR MORE P-SHOT INFORMATION.


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