Over the years, Boswellia serrata has been the subject of several studies that have proven its anti-inflammatory effects. This latest research demonstrates boswellia’s effectiveness on osteoarthritic pain in the knee.

This Ayurvedic herb was compared to a particular COX-2 inhibitor (anti-inflammatory) drug to determine the safety, efficacy, and tolerability of each product. Patients with knee pain took either the drug or the herb for six months. Both products were equally effective at reducing the pain, stiffness, and difficulty in performing activities of daily living. The COX-2 inhibitor began working more quickly; improvements were seen in the first month of therapy. The boswellia was slower to prove effectiveness; significant improvement was measured in the second month of treatment. However, after the six-month trial, patients discontinued the products, while the benefits of the COX-2 inhibitor drug wore off immediately, the boswellia was still persistent in its therapeutic effect for the month following treatment.

For relief of joint and muscle pain, the NEEDS Wellness Team recommends Fatigued to Fantastic! End Pain, from Enzymatic Therapy. This formula contains boswellia, sweet cherry extract, and white willow bark. This combination is effective at relieving acute pain quickly and, when taken regularly, it will decrease inflammation for the long term.

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