Holistic Health Alert: Important information from June 2009


Swine flu: Take Care, Take Charge™


What you can do for yourself and your family!


Hopefully you have not missed all the news on Swine Flu. From many of my sources, the threat of a pandemic is real and could cause major problems.

The Himalayan Institute of Holistic Medicine gives a good summary of the Swine Flu Virus:

  • Swine Flu is a novel strain of the H1-N1 Influenza virus.
  • It is named for its unusual genetic make up which is a combination of traits from earlier swine and avian flu virus strains and not spread through pigs or pork.
  • Symptoms are similar to those of a seasonal flu.
  • Infection appears to be transmitted between people by respiration.

As the US Center for Disease Control and many other public health organizations monitor the outbreak it is crucial that each of us take precautions against the spread of this disease.


Below are many suggestions on how to build your immune system.  I recommend that you stay on a program (whatever you choose or feel comfortable with) for remainder of this year until we see what will happen with this current flu outbreak.

It is recommended for any sign of influenza that you go to your doctor immediately or your nearest medical center.


What Can You Do?


First and Foremost, Increase Your Immune Response

  1. Get enough sleep,
  2. reduce stress and do not panic,
  3. drink a lot of good fluids,
  4. eat fresh, organic fruits and vegetables,
  5. go light on heavy foods that are hard to digest such as dairy or meat,
  6. wash hands often and stay out of heavily crowded areas.
  7. Add antioxidants daily to your diet add 2-4 oz of a specific juice 2xper day such as Pomegranate, Xango, Goji, Blueberry.
  8. Add extra vitamin C 1,000-2,000 mg or Emergen-C packets.

Go Green

  1. Add liquid chlorophyll to your water 2-4 tablespoons, 1-2x per day (helps as an antiseptic)
  2. Use spirulina, chorella, or barley greens (tablets or liquid) 20 minutes before at least one meal
  3. Juice (celery and cucumbers) 8 oz at least 3-4 days a week

Take natural anti-biotic and herbal immune builders

  • Colloidal Silver (natural anti-biotic)
  1. Take 2 tablespoons 2x per day (3 oz).
  2. Children (under 12) take 1 tablespoon 1x per day.

Take for three weeks, off for 5 days. Repeat 3-4 x.

  • Healthy Cell (blend of herbs that boost your immunity)
  1. Take 30 drops 2x per day in 3 oz of water.
  2. Children (age 6- 12) take 10-15 drops 1x per day.
  • Oil of oregano

Take 3 drops of oil in 2 oz of warm water (for 30 days only) before bed.  (Can be strong to taste drink water immediately after.)


Personal Power Things to Do

  • Skin brush- using a natural bristle brush, dry brush your skin before showering.
  • Use a Neti Pot daily- put 2 oz of colloidal in pot with warm water and run through nasal passage.
  • Put colloidal silver in a glass spray bottle. Spray your face and in your throat often throughout the day. (can spray on hands or objects also)
  • Bounce or use mini-trampoline 5-15 min per day. Incredible way to boost immunity.
  • Add nutrients: B complex (supports nervous system), Vitamin D3 (immune support), Probiotic and acidophilus (for healthy digestion and absorption)

You can also order Skin Brushes and Neti Pots at Columbus Polarity. Link to Skin brush & Neti pot

Get Lymphatic Body Work

  • The Lymphatic System is a series of vessels that collect fluid throughout the body, and return it to the main circulation.
  • All Lymph nodes in the body provide a filtration system
  • Nodes contain T-cells that fight disease in your body
  • The body houses hundreds of lymph nodes which are located throughout the entire body

Vaccinations for the Swine Flu are available, you must decide what is best for your family.  Here are some links:

Can the vaccine do more harm, than good?

CDC recommendations

Mary Jo Ruggieri PhD. RPP

Holistic Health Consultant



Healthy Tidbits

Juicing for Health

Benefits of fresh juices:

  • People get well on live juices when nothing else seem to work. Max Gerson, M.D.
  • Plants have live enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  • Nutrients and live enzymes in juice are more potent than in pills or supplements and are in a form that is more bio-available to our bodies.
  • Trying to eat enough vegetables to get the benefits of live enzymes would take 10 times more than juicing.
  • Juices are highly absorbed into the body and quickly processed and put to good use.

Juicing Tips:

  1. Use organically grown vegetables and fruits.
  2. Wash all vegetables and fruits (you can use a non-toxic vegetable spray to clean.)
  3. It is best to peel fruits and ok to leave skins on vegetables (after washing.)
  4. You can use stems and leaves of both fruits and vegetables (carrot and rhubarb greens should be removed.)
  5. Dink at least 2 8oz glasses per day, and it is best to drink as fresh as possible.

Reference: “Juicing for Life”, Cherie Colbon

The Neti Pot’s Growing Fame

The New York Times reported that nasal irrigation can ease allergy symptoms.  The reporter Anahad O’Connor said, “While the Neti Pot is not as convenient as popping a pill or using a spray, several recent studies have found that nasal irrigation can reduce the symptoms of allergies and other nasal problems.”

  • Studies have also found that with children, regular use of the Neti Pot reduced the need for Steroid Nasal Sprays!
  • The University of Michigan looked at 121 adults and over two months the scientists found that those using nasal irrigation reported a greater improvements than those treated with a spray.

Get that Neti Pot and start reducing your nasal difficulties.  It Works!!  Click here to purchase a Neti Pot

Reference:   New York Times  A. O’Connor  April 13, 2009

Back Problems?

Better structure and better posture means less pain.

In my many years of working with Olympic Athletes and now with Holistic Health, I have found one of the most prevalent problems we are having in our country are back problems.  Back problems are debilitating and often interfere with quality of life.

I have spent hours teaching students and clients pelvic tilting and posture exercises.  I came across this video and article written by Esther Gakhale who has a particularly good take, with a different twist, on the correct posture to prevent back problems.

San Francisco Chronicle article about Esther Gokhale

Video: Posture lesson – Ducky butt, not tucky butt

Did You Know

  • Chewing gum 4.5 hours can raise your metabolic rate by 20%. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found.
  • Laughing out load can boost your metabolism by 20%. Researchers at Vanderbelt University Medicinal Center found.

Reference:  AARP Bulletin April 2009

Try chewing your gum while laughing out loud (without choking)!


Holistic Health Research


How Well Do You Know Your Soy?


Did you know the petrochemical solvent hexane is used in the production of soy foods?  The Cornucopia Institute’s Report, “Behind the Bean”, tells us why we should care and what questions we need to be asking about the soy products we eat.

Their Scorecard provides valuable information by rating companies that market organic soy foods such as soy milk, veggie burgers, tofu etc. on ten criteria such as certification, sourcing, manufacturing and GMO’s that are important to consumers.

View the Scorecard  – See how your favorite brands rate

View the full report

More about Hexanes in food

Are Hexanes in your Nutritional Supplements Giving you Vertigo?  Read here

Just a drop of Gasoline in every meal!

Contributed by:

Heidi Beke-Harrigan, MLS, APP

hbharrigan@malone.edu or  irharp1140@yahoo.com

More Research Links

Keep up on the latest news in Complementary and Integrative medicine from the Health Freedom for All News

  • Healthcare debate in America. Keep informed, join the debate, let your concerns be heard.
  • Americans spent 33.9 billion  on complementary healthcare in 2007.
  • Vaccination safety? Federal court awards compensation to a boy injured by vaccines.

Review of the movie “Food Inc.”

Columbia Tribune review by Robert W. Butler of a movie that examines the American food production and distribution system. “Food Inc.”

Herbal of the Month

Reishi Mushroom  /  Ling Zhi   (Latin name: “Ganoderma lucidum”)

An amazing “kingly remedy’ (tonic herb) that can be used long term.  Excellent for stabilizing and building the immune system.

  • Enhances depleted immune functions.
  • Can be used for hyper-immune function by stabilizing mast cells and reduce histamine response. Helps with allergies, allergic asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and Grave’s disease.
  • A mild adaptogen helping with insomnia, anxiety, stress and chronic fatigue.


  • Tincture:  60-80 drops  2 x per day
  • Tea:  2 tesp. to 12 oz water,  decoct 2-4 hours,  drink 2-4 cups per day.

The information in this email is for educational purposes only.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat illness or prescribe any type of medication or treatment.  For medical needs, we recommend consulting your Medical Doctor, Dietitian or Mental Health Practitioner.