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Healing occurs when the life-sustaining systems of the body function at peak performance. Unfortunately, with our environment being so toxic and with the pesticides in our food being so prevalent, we have no other choice but to detox and repair our bodies’ support systems.

The healthcare system of the future will incorporate all levels of detoxing. Detoxing is for everyone and can change the quality of your life while slowing down the aging process.


Everything needs cleaned or detoxed.


How often do you spray down all your filters–car, hot tub and furnace? We clean our house vents, flush our radiators and call Roto Rooter when our pipes get clogged. So take this one step further and clean our body’s pipes, remove plaque from our arteries and cleanse our colons?


The problem is toxins.

Our environment, which has reached high levels of toxic waste, is the main culprit. We cannot get away from the fact that we live in a toxic waste nightmare.

Dr. Christina Scott-Mancrieff, in her book Detox, states that toxins can affect our ability to think properly; they can produce physical symptoms such as exhaustion or headaches; and create emotional turmoil such as anger and frustration. Following a detox program, she continues, reduces the amount of toxins entering your body and helps your body deal with them better by improving nutrition and enhancing the removal of unwanted waste.


A checklist from Scott-Mancrieff’s book gives us some eye-opening information on toxic elements in our life.

How many of these toxic elements are in your life?


Toxic food and drink


  • Tea or coffee
  • Sodas or fizzy drinks
  • Processed meals
  • White bread
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Non-organic fruits and vegetables (not washed or peeled)
  • Processed meats




  • Do you live in a city?
  • Do you live near sprayed areas?
  • Do you swim in or drink chlorinated water?
  • Do you have clothes dry-cleaned regularly?
  • Is your plumbing more than 20 years old?
  • Do you use pesticides?
  • Do you use large amounts of bleach, detergent, household cleaners or disinfectant?


Is everything toxic? No, just what the majority of Americans eat, wear and use.


What’s so difficult to understand is the correlation of cancer to environmental toxins and the lack of concern about these facts. One in three of us will have cancer in our lifetimes, yet we still sit idle watching the environment deteriorate.


Beginning a simple detox plan


  • Increase your water intake. This helps keep your fluids moving, flushes your kidneys and keeps your minerals balanced. Drink reverse osmosis bottled water.
  • Add one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll to at least two glasses of water daily. Chlorophyll is a natural antiseptic and removes mucous from the body.
  • Brush your skin, using a dry vegetable brush, before you shower. Brush every part of your body stroking toward the heart. This stimulates the skin to begin purging toxins.
  • One day per week drink organically juiced juices–carrot and/or green vegetables. Eat a large organic salad in the evening. This helps with digestion.
  • Drink “green” daily. Spirulina, barley, or wheat grass adds oxygen to the body and eliminates toxins.
  • Sweat it out in steam, sauna, infrared sauna or hot epsom salt baths
  • Polarity lymphatic balance and or lymphatic massage are effective
  • Most healthcare systems, except Western medicine, use some form of fasting as a preventative practice. There are major hospitals in Europe that use controlled fasting for many debilitating diseases.
  • A colon cleanse can be as simple as eating specific foods such as grains, organic fruits and vegetables, or could include a more elaborate system of taking certain herbs and digestive enzymes. I find colon cleansing to be one of the most effective ways of healing the body. Most experienced holistic practitioners or naturopathic doctors can advise you on the process.
  • Vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathics all are useful for detoxing. The antioxidants are primary.

Constant tiredness is the main symptom that indicates a person needs to detox. A final quote from Dr. Scott-Mancrieff: “Health is more than the absence of disease, you need to feel well.” It’s your choice.

Mary Jo Ruggeiri PhD

Healthy Tidbits

Remedies for Arthritis

  • Tumeric as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Drink warm milk with a teaspoon of ground Tumeric 3x a day
  • Rub into joints tbs cayenne pepper in a cup of olive oil
  • Drink apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water in AM, make it hot and add honey (taste better)
  • Nettle soup make with fresh nettle taps, chopped onion and garlic.


Healthy Eating on a Budget

Believe it or not-it is possible to buy healthy foods and not break your budget. In fact, with these helpful tips, buying healthy foods can actually be less expensive than buying junk
food and will save you money:

  • Buy your foods whole – prepared and pre-cut foods cost more
  • Plan ahead – planning and preparing meals ahead of time (freezing some for later) will save you time and money and keep you from high-priced & unhealthy fast food
  • Say “NO” to junk foods – leave the chips, cookies, soda & other snacks in the aisle where they belong
  • Buy fresh – fresh fruits and veggies are usually cheaper than canned, and many can be frozen.  Buy only what you need – knowing what’s already in the cupboard & fridge, will prevent you from overbuying and also from waste




Bodywork is crucial to keeping the lymphatic system healthy.

  1. Bodywork manually drains the lymph nodes and promotes movement
  2. Polarity lymphatic balance uses key acupressure points to help the body move fluids and create a good energy flow.
  3. Foot reflexology will stimulate certain lymphatic reflexes


 Holistic Health Research I   


Protect the Honeybee!

Globally the bee population has been in a decline since 2006 and researchers estimate that nearly 1/3 of the honey bee colonies in this country have vanished. It’s not an overstatement to call this a crisis because many of our crops won’t grow without honeybee pollination. Our very lives depend on the honeybee!


After much speculation, the problem of Colony Collapse Disorder has, at least in large part, been linked to the controversial  Neonicotinoid pesticide.
  Neonicotinoids are extremely toxic to honey bees and recent research suggests that honey bees foraging near these types of plantings are at risk. Some beekeepers have also fed their colonies corn syrup, which still contains enough neonicotinoid residue from the corn after processing to disrupt the bees’ central nervous system.
It’s interesting to note that in countries that banned neonicotinoid use (France, Germany, Italy) honey bee populations made a recovery.
Bee Population Restored with Neonicotinoid Ban:

Clothianidin & Colony Collapse Disorder Fact Sheet:

If you haven’t seen the documentary Queen of the Sun, I highly recommend it! Watch the trailer

Gunther Hauk, interviewed in the film, has opened a wonderful honeybee sanctuary in Virginia called the Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary, where he also teaches biodynamic farming and beekeeping. My bees love his bee tea. No corn syrup for my girls!

Next time we’ll look at the wonderful healing properties of honey.


Heidi Beke-Harrigan MLS, APP or


Essential Herbs

Elderberry (Latin name”Sambuccus)

 We all know this bushy plant from its famous byproduct, Elderberry Wine! Elderberry bark, leaves, flowers and berries have many other uses?


Here are some:


Leaves, Berries and Flowers:


Strong antioxidant due to their high Vitamin C content and other Flavonoids. Valuable antiviral, both internally and externally:




Leaf tea or ointment applied to the skin soothes and heals wounds, and different eruptions, including herpes conditions.




As an extract, leaves, flowers and berries are excellent for Viral Bronchitis, and Herpes Simplex. Very safe and effective for children’s fevers caused by colds, flus, measles, chicken pox. A touch of Peppermint added to the tea makes it especially easy to use with children. Good also for adult coughing condition.

It is an immunostimulant, i.e. it assists the system in strengthening the immune system, thus preventing disease.




Good diuretic and purgative. (relieves constipation).


Make Elderberry an important addition to our First Aid

Written by:

Charoula Dontopoulos, RPP , Herbalist

The is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat illness or prescribe any type of treatment. Consult with your Medical Doctor. 


Far Infrared Sauna


“Provides Many Health Benefits”



Scientists in Japan report that with infrared sauna treatment for clogged capillary vessels that heat will expand the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins.

Further studies show that infrared saunas promote detoxification, elimination of fats, toxins, heavy metals, substances from food processing, free fatty acids and excess sodium associated with hypertension and uric acid.

Another study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed a reduction in pain, stiffness and fatigue during infrared sauna therapy.

Reference:  National Center for Biotechnology, Pub MED

Save Your Energy With Infrared Saunas

Journal of American Medical Association states:  “A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams in a sauna, using nearly 300 Kcal which is equivalent to running 2-3 miles!  While the weight of the water loss can be regained by drinking water, the calories consumed will not be.””

References:  Ward Dean, “Effect of Sweating,” Journal of American Medical Association, Vol. 246, No 6, Aug.7, 2001.


Difference Between Infrared Sauna and Traditional Saunas

Infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat which is absorbed directly into the human body, unlike traditional saunas which heat the body indirectly via air or steam.


History of Infrared Saunas

The infrared sauna was developed and highly researched in Japan.  The Japanese currently use infrared saunas for many health conditions including cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular rehabilitation.  The infrared is widely used in many European health spas and detox centers.  The United States is slowly catching up with modern advances in the use of infrared therapy.

General Review of the benefits of Infrared

Pain Relief

Infrared energy can penetrate up to 1.5″ deep into connective and muscle tissue.  This heat relieves pain by expanding blood vessels and increasing circulation.

Weight Control

Sweating consumes calories, increases heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate.  It also decreases body cellulite which is a gel substance made up of water and waste.


The body eliminates most toxins by sweating.  Infrared heat therapy stimulates the sweat glands that cleanse and detoxify the skin.

Reduces Stress, Promotes Relaxation

Infrared heat relaxes the body and softens connective tissue.

Great for Skin

Improves circulation, removes dirt, chemicals and dead cells on the surface of the skin.

*Always check with your physician or healthcare practitioner for possible interactions between drugs, pregnancy, certain diseases and use of infrared saunas.

Mary Jo Ruggieri, PhD, RPP

Acid Vs. Alkaline: An Important Factor!

Health is Optimal When Your System is Alkaline

Important To Balance Acids In Your System.


In a Acid-Base Diet our bodies’ metabolism produces acids and bases depending on what we eat.

Both are important for our well-being and our appearance. However, excess acids must be avoided. And for this reason, 80 percent of our diet should include base and neutral foods.

The Everyday Drink That May Contain Blood, Pus and Drugs    

It looks clean and pure, but this video reveals what they’re not telling you: using a highly sensitive test, scientists have detected as many as 20 painkillers, antibiotics and growth hormones in samples.

The bad news: you’ll probably drink it today…

The disgusting treatment of dairy cows and their calves!


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