Healthy Tidbits




  • During peak season use an air filter in the bedroom and keep windows closed
  • Wash bedding regularly
  • Nettle leaf, 600 MG three times daily. This herbal antihistamine is effective for mild to moderate allergies and causes none of the drowsiness of prescription or OTC antihistamines. After using nettle leaf for up to two weeks, cut the dose in half.

M.A. Stengler, ND Bastyr University



  • 50 million Americans have high blood pressure, the leading cause of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
  • Patients with mild to moderate hypertension can often achieve normal blood pressure with low salt intake, exercise and weight loss.
  • Hawthorne: 300 MG three times daily. This herb dilates arteries and improves coronary blood flow, reducing blood pressure. Once pressure is down, reduce dosage. Check with your doctor.
  • Magnesium: 250 twice daily. You can take this with Hawthorne to relax artery walls and increase blood flow.

M.A. Stengler, ND Bastyr University

Hot Industries:

  • Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that our aging population is demanding more health services and home based care.
  • The fastest growing job sectors are health care (currently 14 million employees). It is expected that this will nearly double in size by the end of the decade.
  • A huge portion of this growth will be in complementary alternative therapies.
  • Most of the new health care jobs created through 2010 will not require medical degrees.
  • Within the next three years, many new jobs will be in smaller cities.
  • Thanks to our Baby Boomers who are looking for a more active and healthy senior life, preventive healthcare, holistic health and alternative therapies will boom in the next decade.
  • A large percentage of the complementary therapies are energy based therapies, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Polarity.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a natural healthcare system with its scope of practice based upon the universal principles of energy: attraction, repulsion and neutrality. The interrelation of these principles forms the basis for every aspect of life, including our experience of health, wellness and disease. With this understanding, Polarity Therapy addresses the interdependence of body, mind and spirit and the value of creating a way of life in harmony with nature.   As part of the larger field of Energy Medicine, Polarity Therapy complements existing systems with an integrated, holistic model. Polarity Therapy is a transformative influence for change in healthcare and in wellness education.   The practice of polarity is a system of energetic touch, reflex and acupressure points that balance energy flow in the body. Polarity, an integrative approach to healing and wellness, involves energetic bodywork, energetic exercise and polarity yoga stretches, and energetic food awareness. These techniques reduce stress, increase vital energy and promote healing through self-awareness. Polarity, having its structure in the traditional system of Ayurvedic medicine, defines patterns of health based upon the concept of energy movement, the balance of the five Elements of Life – Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The practice of polarity will focus on the flow and balance of energy as the foundation of good health.

The Profession

Polarity, within its scope of practice includes energetic approaches to somatic energetic contact, verbal facilitation, energetic foods, polarity yoga and self help exercise and health education.   Entry into the profession requires a thorough knowledge of energetic principles. The course of study includes entry level and advanced education, with certification programs in basic and advanced training.   As a profession, Polarity Therapy upholds basic values such as service, diversity, spirituality, the sacredness of relationship, community outreach, accessibility and the Polarity Therapy professional’s continual growth and development.   Future-sighted and research-oriented, Polarity Therapy professionals are both participants and leaders in redefining the healthcare field. Polarity practitioners, “APP/RPP” are registered by the American Polarity Therapy Association. APTA sets standards, rules and regulations for the profession of Polarity Therapy. As a governing body, APTA has a strict code of ethics and an elected member board (American Polarity Therapy Association).

Disclaimer: The information in this newsletter is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat illness or prescribe any type of medication or treatment. For medical needs, consult your Medical Doctor, Dietitian, or Mental Health Practitioner.