Homeopathy may be the answer to quality personal health

Drops, gels or tablets? Before meals or after meals? Five drops every two hours or three drops every hour?

Exploring the world of homeopathy can be an education unto itself. The selections and possibilities are endless. Calendula gel, a “califora,” is used to quickly and effectively treat cuts, sunburn and irritated skin. But every household should also not be without the “arniflora,” an arnica gel that relieves pain, swelling and stiffness. Choices!

One of the most beneficial aspects of homeopathic remedies is that the user must take the time to assess his symptoms and get involved in his own healthcare–or work in a partnership with a homeopathic practitioner who will take time to assess the best formula for the best results. It is a process that involves individualized medicine.

Dr. Kathleen Jones, a homeopathic practitioner, continues sharing her expertise with us:

When choosing a homeopathic remedy, you must list all of your symptoms. Knowing the whole symptom picture is fundamental to finding the correct homeopathic medicine. If you have a complicated history or disease pattern, you must seek medical advice from a qualified practitioner. If your symptoms are simple and fairly recent, you may be able to explore homeopathic remedies on your own.

There are many possibilities when considering which remedies to choose. Several reference books are a must if you are unsure of which remedy will work. A Materia Medica lists all the remedies and the symptoms associated with their use. You choose the remedy that most closely matches your symptom list. It is rarely a perfect match, because there are so many symptoms listed.

When visiting a classical homeopath, the patient would be interviewed for three to four hours to discuss all the associated symptoms and then the doctor would review her

books to come up with one specific remedy. When the correct remedy is chosen, great cures will be possible. However, this is very time consuming, so some shortcuts were developed to help the patient and the doctor. Most modern homeopaths now mix several remedies together to create a blended medicine that will meet the patient’s needs.

Some of the more commonly used homeopathic medicines are:

Aconite: Used for sudden, intense, acute symptoms such as first stage cold or flu; also for sudden fright or shock.

Arnica: Reduces swelling of blood vessels, inflammation of muscles and nerves, shock and tension. A wonderful remedy for injuries, falls and surgery–reduces pain and swelling quickly. Works well for those toddlers who fall and have a lot of bumps and bruises.

Arsenicum album: Combats anxiety and lack of energy. Great for those who overextend themselves.

Belladonna: Symptoms usually related to children who have a sudden, acute, strong and rapid onset of illness. Usually there is a burning sensation associated with the face or neck.

Bryonia: Very powerful for lung conditions.

Chamomilla: Great calming remedy used for children who are teething or irritable. It must be used frequently to work effectively when teething pain is present. Used to aid in sleep and stress reduction.

Nat mur: Helps with circulation of fluids in the body. Great for premenstrual bloating.

Nux vomica: Usually for adults only, it reduces nausea and vomiting. Works to aid irritable and short-tempered moods!

Sulphur: A very healing and cleansing remedy for the entire body, helps in long-term and chronic illness.

There are many more remedies available. By their nature, remedies that can cure in very dilute (homeopathic) form may cause illness in large doses, so patients should use only correctly prepared homeopathic remedies and seek medical advice for any symptoms or conditions that persist or become serious.

With a little study, homeopathic medicine can be a safe and effective way to help the body find natural balance its and health. It works.

It’s time for us to be concerned about our increased use and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs. The side effects of these drugs are just starting to surface. This is a great time for the study and use of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy has the opportunity to increase in use and to become an important part of our healthcare system.

Columbus, by the way, has a well-grounded and well-established community of practitioners and users of homeopathic medicine. If you are looking for progressive solutions to your healthcare and health problems, turn to practitioners who specialize in individualized health care–who specialize in you. Check health food stores or write us at
Alive’s “Healing” column for a list of homeopathic practitioners.

Today, in an effort towards quality personal health, we often seek ancient wisdom. Homeopathy is an ancient wisdom that is a gift.

May the longtime sun shine upon you.