WELLNESS is the fasting growing industry in North America, and though it is not listed in the American Heritage Dictionary (copyright 1982) that occupies my bookshelf, it is highly featured in the news, and well-represented on the Internet.

Interestingly, there is no universally accepted definition of WELLNESS, yet there are many common characteristics:

  • A choice, a decision to move toward optimal health
  • A balanced lifestyle one designs to achieve their highest potential of wellbeing
  • A condition of physical, mental and emotional health, maintained by proper diet and exercise
  • An integration of body, mind and soul
  • Awareness that choices made in one area of living, affects another
  • Is influenced by and includes, one’s relationships with family, friends, society, environment, career and finances

To put it simply, wellness doesn’t just happen! Wellness is a choice, one that requires awareness, design, and maintenance. Wellness is influenced by multiple factors. Wellness is all about integration.
Backing up: the US, once in the top 10 of healthy nations, has dropped to # 40 and now leads the world in chronic, degenerative disease.

Challenges we face as a nation and globally are critical factors in the development of disease:

  • Depleted soils, a lack of nourishment in our food supply and use of preservatives to prolong shelf life
  • “Convenient” fast foods with high calories and no nutritive value
  • Sick building syndrome due to out-gassing of building materials leaving us with poor indoor air quality
  • A water supply that is at risk with bacteria, heavy metals and toxins
  • The expensive alternative of bottled water that is less regulated and packaged in cancer-causing materials
  • Lack of sleep due to bedding material, bed design, financial worry and stress
  • EMF radiation (electro magnetic frequencies) from cell phones and computers

A combination of lifestyle choices, stress, and environmental toxins puts a burden on the body. This ‘body burden,’ is linked to the increased incidence of cancer, autism, diabetes, obesity and chronic conditions that affect more than the middle-aged and elderly. They are currently afflicting our most precious resource, our children.
Who do you know living with one or more of these “common” health challenges? Bad back, chronic pain, bone loss, aching joints or muscles, sleep problems, headaches, weight concerns, breathing challenges, sinus issues, blood sugar problems, stiff neck, digestive issues, carpal tunnel, on-going colds, low energy.

We’ve been raised with drugs and surgery as the usual course of treatment. And, as we know they are an important and critical part of our healthcare system. Yet, what if the secret to rediscovering one’s health were to be found in Self-Care, Prevention and Active Wellness?

  • SLEEP, the foundation of good health provides the necessary recovery and renewal for wellbeing.
  • Quality hydration with clean, mineral-rich WATER nourishes cells, tissues and the brain while supporting all body function.
  • Pure indoor AIR that is refreshing and revitalizing, like nature intended.
  • NATURAL ENERGY in the form of magnetic and light solutions to help ease the stress of EMF’s.
  • BIO-REPLENISHMENT, a mineral management that restores the body’s chemical bank to its youthful levels.
  • Proper NUTRITION with fresh, local, organic foods and organic, whole-food supplementation to fill in the gaps
  • FITNESS (exercise and diet), where most people focus their health goals, is more readily available and safely achieved by attention to these other areas first.
  • ATTITUDE (based on thoughts and emotions) is a key factor in health / disease and success / failure in all areas of life.
  • FINANCES impact every aspect of our lives and have a huge influence on our health.
  • RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNITY serve to provide a sense of partnership and purpose.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison


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